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Passenger car tyres, 4x4 and SUV’s

We offer you an extensive range of new tyres from trusted brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear and Continental, also in RunFlat. We also offer so-called 'second line brands', such as Goodrich of the Michelin Group and Fulda for the Goodyear group. If we do not have a product in stock, we then immediately order it for you and ship it as soon as possible.

Free storage

We have been investing for years in a large stock of winter tyres throughout the winter, from October to March. Moreover, the winter tyres  you have purchased here, can be stocked here for free. Your tyres are stored here in our company, so they are readily available when needed.
At Banden Deneyer you will find a wide selection of secondhand tyres for both summer and winter. These tyres have been checked by us, so the quality is sufficiently guaranteed.

Free replacement car

If the works on your car require a little more time than a regular tire change, we will offer you a free replacement car.

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