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Continental was founded in 1871 in Hannover, Germany, as the ‘'Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie'. In the main factory in Hannover the company fabricated soft rubber products, fabrics coated with rubber and full tyres for carriages and bikes.

In 1898 Continental celebrated its first successes in development and production with air-tyres without profile for cars. Around the turn of the century Continental’s balloon fabric was used to seal the gas cells of the first German airship. In 1904 Continental was the world’s first company to develop profile tyres for cars. And in 1905 it started the production of anti-skid-tyres with rivets, which resembled the later spikes. Three years later, Continental invented the removable rim for touringcars. In 1909 the Frenchman Louis Bleriot was the first person to cross the Channel in a monoplane aircraft, coated with Continental’s Aeroplan fabric.

By the end of the 1920’s, Continental merged with a number of big companies in the rubber industry. Thus the new company 'Continental Gummi-Werke AG' was born.

In 1951 the production steelcord transport-belts started and in 1955 Continental was the first company to develop air springs for busses and trucks. In 1960 the serial production of radial tyres started. About thirty years later Continental put the first environmentally friendly car tyres on the market.

In 1995 the division Automotive Systems was set up to lift the system activities for the car industry to a higher level. In 1997 Continental presented the key technology for hybrid drivetrains.

Continental is now one of the biggest five suppliers of the car industry. As a supplier of breaking systems, systems and parts for engines and chassis, instruments, infotainment solutions, electronical systems, tyres and technical elastomers, Continental contributes to more safety en the worldwide climate protection. Continental is also a competent partner in car network communication.

The Continental concern is divided in the Automotive Group and the Rubber Group, and has five divisions.

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