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Three generations

Banden Deneyer is a family company founded in 1945. Shortly after the end of the Second World War Henri Deneyer started as an independent tire dealer. In 1947 he built a modest workshop on the Bergensesteenweg in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, where the company is now still located. On those first 250 square meters he mounted tyres on cars and trucks. During the 70s his son Raymond Deneyer added wheel allignements executed by experienced technicians.
More than 60 years later, with grandson Lars Deneyer, the third generation's runs Banden Deneyer. Banden Deneyer has now increased tenfold in size and also the number of services is strongly expanded. Over the last decade, the company has also specialized in products and services for 4x4 and SUV vehicles. Now you can also find motorcycle and scooter tyres at Banden Deneyer.
Many private persons, SME’s and large companies in the area and also from far outside the region have been very loyal customers and that is the biggest confirmation we can get. Until today Banden Deneyer is still a fully independent company and that means we can determine which tire brand is best for you in all objectivity.
In 2013 Banden Deneyer got the label of "Michelin Certified Centre '. The well-known tire manufacturer conducts an annual independent audit in terms of stock, welcome, technical competence, personnel, repairs and the like. Only those who score high enough, you get the renomated label.

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