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Tyre repair

We repair flat tyres only after a thorough check of the perforation, the damage and the state of the carcass or structure.

We are not a supporter of repairs of the ‘rubber plug’ type. This way of repairing a tyre does not necessitate the unmounting of the tyre, which means the carcass is not checked. Often the tyre has run quite some distance under too low pressure before being fixed. The carcass is therefore in many cases severely damaged.

At Banden Deneyer Pneus, we always unmount the tyre and check the carcass. The tyre is then fixed from the inside, using the ‘Minicombi’-system. The ‘hole’ through which the air escapes as well as the tunnel made by the object that punctured the tyre, are properly sealed. Air and moisture have no chance of getting in or out. We will only repair you tyre if it 's safe to do so and we guarantee the repair on itself.

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